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What is Clarifying Catholicism?

Clarifying Catholicism is a lay apostolate consisting of students and recent graduates who write blogs, produce videos, and record podcasts on Catholic Theology. We are dedicated to preserving the rich intellectual tradition of the Catholic Church by defending faith and reason. Our primary aim is to explain and demystify Church teaching that may be misunderstood or difficult for teens and young adults to digest.

Our Executive Team

William Deatherage is a graduate student earning his M.A. in Historical and Systematic Theology. He is the founder and Executive Director of Clarifying Catholicism. Specializing in Digital Marketing, Digital Content Production, Web Design, he has worked in freelance for several Catholic organizations. Deatherage has also worked for the Archdiocese of Portland, The Rosary Center, The Knights of Columbus, The Marriage and Religious Research Institute, and The Heritage Foundation. He specializes in Theology of the Gift, Phenomenology, and Existentialism. In this photo, Deatherage holds the Defenders of Faith sword, which has become an emblem of Clarifying Catholicism.


Mary Ryan is the Executive Producer of Clarifying Catholicism. Having worked for the organization since the Summer of 2018, Mary oversees all content production for the blog. A classical vocalist and pastoral ministry student, Mary enjoys bringing the beauty of God’s creation to others through music and worship-leading. Passionate about the dignity of the human person, Mary seeks to bring back a sense of worth in the way people view themselves by seeing each person and the self through the eyes of the Lord. The Catholic faith teaches this well.

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Our Writers

Note: The following universities do NOT have formal relationships with Clarifying Catholicism. Clarifying Catholicism is not endorsed or sponsored by any academic institution and does not claim to represent the opinions of said institutions. For questions and requests, please contact us at defendersoffaith01@gmail.com Thanks!

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