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By John Scott


As this Jubilee Year of Mercy comes to an end there are still yet many questions one may have regarding the jubilee and its surrounding fanfare. One such question may be, “what are these indulgences I keep hearing about”? Firstly, there are two types of indulgences: plenary and partial. A partial indulgence will remove a part of the temporal punishment that has been incurred due to the sins that one commits during their life. On the other hand, a plenary indulgence removes the entirety of the temporal punishment that was to be suffered.

Naturally, the requirements for a plenary indulgence are more ridged and strict than a partial indulgence. In order to receive the Jubilee Year of Mercy indulgence, a plenary indulgence, there is a clearly laid out set of requirements that includes the following according to the official website of the Diocese of Gaylord.

One must:

·       Be baptized and in a state of grace

·       Have the intention of gaining the indulgence

·       Perform the work or offer the prayers as described

·       Exclude all attachment to sin

·       Receive the sacrament of reconciliation

·       Receive the Eucharist

·       Pray for the intentions of Pope Francis


After physically passing through the designated Holy Door or Door of Mercy the requirements for the indulgence include.

·       Make a profession of faith

·       Pray for Pope Francis as well as his intentions

·       Pray the Jubilee’s prayer

·       Make in invocation to Jesus Christ.


If any of the previous are not fulfilled in completion, rather than a plenary indulgence a partial indulgence would be given.

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