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Project Type: Benedictine Writers

Mgr. John Tuttle

John Tuttle Manger of Benedictine College Journalism and Theology Major Class of 2021 Favorite Saint: Anthony of Padua Writer Since Spring 2020 John Tuttle is

Garren Gray

Garren Gray Chemical Engineer Major, Class of 2022 Benedictine College Born and raised Protestant, I joined the Catholic Church my Freshman year of college. I

Marianna Rice

Marianna Rice Math and Secondary Education Major, Class of 2022 Former Administrative Manager Benedictine College (Fall 2019) I live in Chantilly, VA and am the

Matthew Connor

Matthew Connor Chemical Engineering Major, Class of 2022 Benedictine

Thomas Tighe

Thomas Tighe Math and Computer Science, and Economics Major Benedictine College I am studying at Benedictine College in Atchison, KS. Home is upstate New York

Birdie Kopacz

Birdie Kopacz Music Major, Class of 2022 Former Manager of Production for Benedictine College (Fall 2019) I’m Elizabeth, but call me Birdie! I’ve been raised

Juliet Mattingly

Juliet Mattingly Benedictine College, Class of 2022 Graphic Design Major Writer Since Fall 2019 Juliet Mattingly is quirky small-town girl. She is currently working on

Mary Eisenbacher

Mary Eisenbacher Nursing Major, Class of 2022 Benedictine College I’m from Woodburn, Oregon where I grew up with my parents and eight siblings. In my

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