The Clarifying Cup Spring 2020

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The Clarifying Cup is a semi-annual competition between institutions for viewership on articles. Below is an explanation for how the competition progresses:

  1. The school that gains the most amount of views among articles in a week (Monday through Sunday) gains 11 points
  2. Second place gets 10 points, third 9 points, etc.
  3. These points are compiled throughout the semester, and the institution with the most number of points wins the Clarifying Cup
  4. The individual with the most number of views per week is listed as an MVP, though this does not impact their status of the Thomas Aquinas Awards that are given to the articles with the most views

Here are the results of Week 17, the final week of the first ever Clarifying Cup!

CC Results

Congratulations to The Catholic University of America for winning the Clarifying Cup!

download (4)

The Thomas Aquinas Awards

The Thomas Aquinas awards are given to the top three articles that received the most views. This semester had several fantastic articles in the running for these awards, including ten which passed the 1,000 view mark!!!

The Thomas Aquinas
Cum Laude Award

Jessica L. for her The Year there was no Easter Article?


The Thomas Aquinas
Magna Cum Laude Award

Eugene Beh for his Opus Dei Unveiled Article


The Thomas Aquinas
Summa Cum Laude Award


Faith Kowitz for her Ten Catholic Blogs You Should Check Out! (2,674 Views)


Here is a list of first place winners and MVP’s by week:

Week 1: Creighton / Nick Jones

Week 2: Franciscan / Grady Stuckman

Week 3: Benedictine / Juliet Mattingly

Week 4: Mount St. Mary’s / Harry Scherer

Week 5: Catholic U / Nick Jones

Week 6: Franciscan / Chris Centrella

Week 7: Franciscan / Chris Centrella

Week 8: Franciscan / Bill Quinn

Week 9: Catholic U / Abby Thomas

Week 10: Yale / Mark Florig

Week 11: Catholic U / Jessica L.

Week 12: Franciscan / Faith Kowitz

Week 13: St. Louis / Jon Stodola

Week 14: Catholic U / Eugene Beh

Week 15: Catholic U/ John Kish

Week 16: Catholic U/ Paul Martin

Week 17: Catholic U/ Leo Pio


The St. John Paul II Award

The St. John Paul II award is given to contributors who are instrumental in the process of expanding the project, and it can only be won once. The following individuals are being recognized for their dedication to Clarifying Catholicism.

Joseph Giessuebelle for nearly tripling our Instagram following in one semester

Mary Boneno for outstanding Editing

Katie Hugo her role as an Associate

Sarah Richthammer for outstanding Recruitment

Nick Jones for outstanding production

Before we conclude this semester’s content, we would like to express our sincerest thanks to all of you for helping our mission, which as you can see below, has expanded massively. Notice how we pretty much doubled our viewcount from first semester (August-December) in the second semester (January-May).


Thank you very much for your continued support. God bless you, and we will see you in June!

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