No Salvation Outside the Church

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Personally, I blame Liam for misspelling the subject of this video. Whatever. He’s not an English major (or a Latin one either).

This episode addresses one of the most controversial doctrines of the Catholic Church. We explain how “No Salvation Outside the Church” should be understood as we explore the vast history of this subject. Special Thanks to Dr. David Dawson from the Angelicum for reviewing our script.

-the sin of apostasy did not necessarily damn someone to Hell, rather it was thought that the Church did not have the authority to forgive it; Cyprian and company believed that Christ could forgive them after death
-Vatican II did not occur in the 1950s, it was the 60s
-the text “While other Christians share some sacraments they are still NOT saved” should be amended to say “necessarily saved” given the validity of some of their sacraments
-goodness does not come from the Church, it comes from Christ

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