Taking Notice

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By: Jessica Farrenkopf, Columnist

During our last youth group meeting before Spring Break, the topic of the night was giving and recognizing the things God gives us. It really struck me because although most of us are able to name several big things that are gifts from God: our health, family, friends, safety, etc., it is difficult to take notice of the smaller things that he gives us every day. Experimenting with the seemingly simple task of just taking notice gave me a sense of wonder and awe at the signals from God that I had overlooked completely. Our culture teaches us to work until the brink of exhaustion, and if you’re not working, you’re just being lazy. Regardless of whether or not that kind of lifestyle is healthy, there is little time left for us to take into account the things around us because we become too focused on the tasks at hand. But God still leaves us little “Easter eggs” that he hopes we will recognize as his gifts to us, and we can fulfill that hope by taking notice of the little gifts.

During Spring Break, my dad and I took a road trip and being surrounded by the nature of the western half of the US was amazing because of its beauty. I thanked God during every day of that trip that I was able to spend so much time in his creation. I also got a text from a friend that she had heard our favorite song on the radio and it reminded her of me. These situations made me realize that the opportunities and people we meet are all gifts from God. We only need to take the time to notice them to recognize how truly special they are.

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