Religious Persecution in China must be Called out

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by Emilie Kao and Olivia Enos, The Heritage Foundation

On reblog Wednesdays, Clarifying Catholicism enjoys sharing our favorite content from across the internet. Today, we are honored to feature a fantastic piece from the National Review that covers a topic many of our writers are passionate about. Please enjoy the excerpt below and visit the link to continue reading!

On the matter of religion in China, Beijing has made one thing perfectly clear: No religious group lies beyond the grasp of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

Late last month, the Jamestown Foundation reported on a new CCP program of collectivization and reeducation in Tibet similar to the forced-labor campaign being carried out against Uyghurs in Xinjiang province. In 2020 alone, just under 600,000 rural Tibetans were subjected to this program of indoctrination and retraining for various forms of menial labor.

The military-style training program is accompanied by a labor-transfer program that redistributes workers to places other than their hometowns — often to places outside of Tibet. Rapid collectivization separates person from place, uprooting individuals from their heritage, replacing their native language with Mandarin, and Continue Reading Here

Olivia Enos is a senior policy analyst in the Heritage Foundation’s Asian Studies Center. Emilie Kao is the director of the think tank’s DeVos Center for Religion and Civil Society. Last week we interviewed Kao on the topic of Religious Liberty. The interview can be found below:

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