A Brief Reflection from the Senior Director

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by Eduardo Perez Rubio, Senior Director of Clarifying Catholicism

About two weeks ago I attended the march for life with my fellow college students. Even though I had not planned to go, I am happy I went. It was great to see that the Vice President, Mike Pence, gave a speech showing that being pro-life is something that is good. It was great to see women standing against abortion to show the being pro-life isn’t anti-woman. The only thing that was visually extreme but that I’m grateful i saw was seeing the images of abortions in the first trimester, the time when most abortions are done. After seeing the small shape of a baby ripped in half and bloody, like a Mortal Kombat game, was horrendous. After seeing this, I was given the solid ground of why abortion is wrong. I am grateful for having attended the march for life, and thanks to this experience I will always be pro life.

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