My Lenten Resolution

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By Jessica Farrenkopf

I spent a long time contemplating what I should do for Lent. I wanted my resolution to be something that would cause me to struggle, in the hopes that the hardship would strengthen my relationship with God and bring me closer to Him. My contemplation led me to two things I want to work on during Lent: 1) I am giving up refined grains (white bread, bagels, pasta, etc.) and 2) I am making time to pray every night before bed.

Many people have asked me curiously about the former because it seems so specific. For me, bread and pasta have become staple foods in my diet because they are quick and easy to eat, especially on days when my schedule is packed to the max. Giving these things up is going to force me to work a little harder because I won’t be able to make a sandwich and walk out the door. I also like these foods a lot, so giving them up will be a sacrifice in itself, not just the sacrifice of time. I want to be as reflective as possible of Jesus’ sacrifices in the desert to help relate as closely as possible to his story and sacrifice. Making time to pray is something that I am not good at, I will humbly admit. My schedule is full when it comes to school, homework, church, extracurriculars, eating, personal hygiene, and social time with family and friends; sometimes I mean to pray before bed and fall asleep instead. By forcing myself to set aside time to pray, I will be able to reflect on the nature of my relationship with God and hopefully become closer to Him. My example is one of many, so do whatever you feel called to do. I hope that you all have a reflective and inspirational Lent.

What other Clarifying Writers are Giving up for Lent

William Deatherage, Executive Director, Junior: “I am going to bed by 1AM every day and will be waking up as soon as my alarm clock goes off (St. Josemaria Escriva’s Heroic Minute). Additionally, I will journal every night before bed. My girlfriend and I are also praying a rosary every Friday.

Jenna Drummond, Director of Blog Editing, Freshman: “My Lenten resolution is to trust more. This season I’m focusing on the Litany of trust and turning to God as a first resort in every aspect of my life. From small everyday things to the tougher struggles we all face sometimes, it’s easy to shy away from asking God for help, and easy to forget to thank Him, so this year I’m trying to go to God first. 

Alec Bonjolo, Director of Social Media, Freshman: “For Lent I hope to participate in the mandatory traditions of the season as well as pray more, read more, and spend less time on social media to examine my conscience more.”

Angelica Brice, Video Writer, Junior: “I will be reading through sections of the Rule of St. Benedict and spending time in Adoration.”

Thomas Curry, Writer, Junior: “I want to give up social media accounts: specifically Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook, considering the fact that it’s been one of my primary distractions recently and it will help me focus on what’s important during the Lent season.

Jason Martinez, Video Writer, Freshman: “For Lent, I plan on praying a Rosary at least once a week.”

Cameron Gaub, Writer: “My resolution is just to be more present at work and in my family life. Somthing I want to work on is being active and present in everything I do.”

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