To my fellow brothers and sisters who experience same-sex attractions . . .

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For the longest time, I too felt as though I didn’t belong in the pews at Sunday mass.

I too felt “too dirty” to sit in the Father’s throne room.

How could our Creator, in all His perfection and goodness, ever desire a relationship with me, a broken and wretched sinner whose sexual attractions seemed to be far graver than all other attractions and temptations experienced by my peers? 

It wasn’t possible.

Or so I thought.

For so many years, I ran away from our Lord.

Feelings of unworthiness, shame, and isolation polluted my heart every time that I approached the altar, keeping me at a constant distance away from Him.

My sexual attractions toward other men created a massive roadblock between my Maker and I, though the roadblock was entirely of my own doing.

Jesus wanted a relationship with me, regardless of what attractions I experienced or what temptations I struggled with.

Likewise, Jesus wants a relationship with you too.

My friend, 

Today I want you to know that Jesus Christ desires intimacy with you.

Your sexual attractions do not in any way prohibit you from taking your rightful seat at the table of our Lord.

Jesus waits eagerly for you to take your seat beside Him!

The Church desires your attendance and participation at Sunday mass.

The Father desires your voice to be mixed in with the choirs of Heaven.

Whether you are attracted to the same-sex or to the opposite-sex, Christ died for you.

He longs for His love to flourish within you.

In the words of our dearly beloved Pope St. John Paul II, “Life with Christ is a wonderful adventure”.

After over three years back in the Church, now living in abstinence as according to Catholic Church teachings on homosexuality, I can confirm the abundance of beauty and bliss that is found in a life lived with Christ.

Even if you experience same-sex attractions, my friend, the Lord has a wonderful adventure in store for you!

We are His children too.

He does not call us “gay”. 

He calls us all “beloved”!

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