To be a Disciple of Jesus – Silvio José Báez, O.C.D.

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On Reblog Wednesdays, we at Clarifying Catholicism enjoy sharing quality content from our favorite Catholic sites. This week, we are honored to feature a homily from Bishop Silvio Jose Baez, the Nicaraguan prelate who was forced to flee from his country due to threats against his life. This homily was translated by Elijah’s Breeze, a blog dedicated to Carmelite spirituality.

To be a disciple of Jesus means first of all “to deny yourself”, which doesn’t mean to negate oneself, to despise that which makes us unique, nor to undermine our self-esteem. Jesus simply wants to tell us: stop thinking only of yourself, don’t always put yourself first, and don’t let your selfish interests prevail, because with that you deprive yourself of the joy of loving, you make living together more complicated, and you become less human.

To be a disciple of Jesus means to take up the cross and follow him. The cross isn’t synonymous with suffering, it means extreme love, a limitless love like Jesus has, that doesn’t break in the face of misunderstanding or rejection.

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