The Rock Star Sisters!

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Introducing, Force of Habit! This fantastic new rock group is composed of Sisters from The Dominican Sisters of Mary Mother of the Eucharist, as well as a drummer and a vocalist from other Religious Orders.

The footage comes from an event where they entertained their Mother Superior at a welcoming ceremony for her, featuring several classic jazz tunes.

Here’s what the Sisters have to say!

“FORCE OF HABIT was created as a way to foster communion.  Communion with who? Communion among ourselves (the Sisters), communion with the Franciscans and Dominicans (our band members), and communion with students and faculty of CUA.  The band is a way of spending time together and participating in campus events.  We hope to do everything we can to foster a positive community spirit.”-Sr. Miriam, Pianist

“I think the joy we give people by our playing together is a great result of the Force!  In the end, however, the big secret of the Force is that we do it for God, and to inspire more people to love Him!”-Sr. Louis Marie, Saxophonist

“I played the trumpet in school, but by the time I entered the convent, it had been years since I had last picked it up.  Since then, I have learned to use my musical gifts (and to expand them!) for God’s glory and for souls.  I have had tons of fun playing with Force of Habit and drawing students to the Lord through our band, but my greatest honor is that I have been able to play my trumpet for Him in our bigger convent liturgies.”-Sr. Mary Andre, Trumpeter

Force of Habit has been met with positive acclaim from college students everywhere, citing the Sisters’ ability to show how talented and diverse people in Religious Communities can be. Please be sure to check out their video, give it a Like, and Subscribe!

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