The Clarifying Catholicism Prayer

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On the Feast Day of Pope St. John Paul II, it is our honor to present Clarifying Catholicism’s very own prayer. Each school with a branch received the opportunity to add to this prayer, and we hope that future branches will continue to add to it as we expand.

Fides et Ratio
A Prayer for the Curious Catholic

God almighty, who is Reason itself,
Give us the inspiration and tools to think with our hearts and our minds.

Open our eyes so that we may behold Your beauty in the world,
And enlighten us so that we may be vessels of Your mercy and justice.
Let faith be our captain and reason be our compass
To help us steer all in the direction of your holiness.

Mother Mary, help us to embrace your immaculate and sorrowful heart
So that we may align ourselves with your Son’s will.
Touch all the areas of woundedness in our hearts and fill them with Your love and peace,
So that we may further the Gospel of Your Son.

We pray that through the sacrifice of your son, we may learn to praise you in all we do.
Ave Crux, Spes Unica (hail the cross, our only hope).
Through Mary our Mother, model of holiness and love we beg for intercession.
May we be covered by her mantle in times of great tribulation.

Give us clarity in mind and heart, O Lord, that we may better know Your will.
Enlighten our minds with reason and understanding.
Give us the strength to believe when we say “Jesus, I trust in You.”.
Give us the right words to reach just one more person, as Pope St. John Paul II did.

Take, Lord, and receive our liberty, our intellect, and our entire will,
And let us surrender them to your direction
So that all we do may be for your greater glory.
Give us open minds to create and inspire, and never to degrade or reject.

Open our eyes to the world you’ve created.
And give us strength to seek the truth, wherever we may find it
So that we might better serve You, the one Truth.

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Catholic University Contribution
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