New Season, New Beginnings!

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Video by Thomas Gorman, Dir. of Editing; Article by William Deatherage, Exec. Dir.

Hello There! I hope you’ve all had a great summer. I have certainly had a blast gathering content for this upcoming season, and we have some exciting updates for you all, as well.

Our crew has expanded to over 100 students from many different schools. Additionally, we have opened formal chapters of Clarifying Catholicism at Notre Dame, Franciscan, and Benedictine, all joining The Catholic University of America’s well-established team. To encourage creativity, productivity, and even a little friendly competition, the schools battled it out to see which institution could write the most articles during the Summer. We are proud to announce that we have collected over fifty articles and there are many more are still in development.

Before I announce the winner of this contest, I would like to thank a few outstanding individuals for the work they contributed this summer.

Joe Bukuras is our recently appointed Executive of Organizational Development. It was his vision to expand the organization, and he has worked tirelessly at assisting with drawing up responsibilities and workflow for leadership. Joe has also spearheaded a renewed interest in social media, so I thank Mary Polking (Notre Dame), Bea Cuasay (Notre Dame), and Rachel Alexander (Franciscan) for committing their time to helping us expand our social media presence. Special thanks to Mary Ryan (Executive Producer), and Jenna Drummond and Maddie Sanders (co-Directors of Blog Editing) for organizing our Editorial Board. Thank you, Thomas Gorman (Director of Video Editing) for putting together the annual intro video. Lastly, thank you, Noien (Editor of Special Projects) for editing my long and intense Summer Reflection Series.

Now, it is my great honor to award the Franciscan University of Steubenville crew for gathering an astonishing seventeen articles. We are certainly grateful for their immense contribution to the project.

“Throughout these first few months of being a part of Clarifying Catholicism, I had the privilege to work with so many talented young Catholics invested in their faith. As the editor for the Franciscan University branch,” says GraceAnn Sullivan, Manager of Production for Franciscan. She continues, “I was touched with the amount of enthusiasm and passion I saw as students sent in articles they felt so strongly about. It is so inspiring to me to be able to see how even one person’s explanation of the faith has touched my life, and I’m certain these student’s articles will aid in touching the lives of others. It is an honor to work with this initiative of young individuals around the country, and I pray and trust that these articles about the faith spark knowledge and beauty into the hearts of people around us.”

Faith Kowitz, Manager of Recruitment, has also had a great experience working for the organization: “I’ve only been a recruiter for a month but it has been really cool hearing about where people are in their lives regarding faith, career, and family. Their stories are encouraging and bring a unique style to their writing. I’ve also noticed an eagerness to give back to their Catholic faith. It’s so refreshing to be a part of this mission.”

We are eager for this upcoming season of content, and we appreciate your continued support. Thank you very much, and God bless you!

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