A Reflection on Our Resolutions

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By Alexander Koshakji

As we are in the midst of this Lenten season, it is important to stop and ask ourselves what is the fundamental reason behind our Lenten promises. Are we trying to prove to ourselves and others that we have the will power to stick with our Lenten promise? Are we performing good deeds for the sake of winning the respect and approval of others? Sure, there are byproducts that come with sticking to our Lenten promises such as respect from others, as well as the infused habit of denying ourselves bodily pleasures and thereby gaining a healthier body. But it is vital that these do not become the primary focus of our Lenten journey.

It is very easy to lose sight of the reason for lent, for we tend to get wrapped up in ourselves and others.  When someone inquires, what did you give up, or when company is sharing their Lenten promises, it is not hard to feel the urge to speak about yours. But then telling everyone ultimately defeats the purpose. It is not about you, and what a good person you are fashioning yourself to be; it’s about our Lord. Let’s remind ourselves to be intent on using our Lenten promise as a means of growing closer to God. As Christ says about the honor seeking Pharisees that they have received their reward in full, we too will only receive the temporary reward that the world has to offer if we flaunt our good works. However, if we’re humble about how our Lenten promises, if our minds our set on God and God alone, we will merit the eternal reward which is far better than any honor.

-Alexander Koshakji, Columnist

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