It’s Cool to be Catholic

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By: Sarah Strba (On the Right), High School Junior in Portland, Oregon

Being a Catholic high school student is not always easy, but it will always be worth it. I am able to feel God’s love and spread that love to others, but at times, it can feel lonely, especially in such a liberal and urban area like Portland, Oregon.

I go to a Catholic school, so I am blessed to be able to express my faith and go to Mass every Friday, which I would not be able to do in a public school. It can be a challenge to be Catholic for some, especially living in a place that is not so religious.  Most of the people at my school attend primarily because of its fantastic athletic and academic programs; the fact that it’s Catholic is not usually the defining factor for why people apply. So if you want to grow in your faith it’s crucial to find a friend group that supports your beliefs.

Thankfully I have been exposed to several supportive Catholic cultures from around the world. Every summer, I go to visit my family in Slovakia where there is definitely more of a Christian vibe in the culture. This is special because my grandparents are the most Catholic people I’ve ever met; they wake up early every day to go to church and set aside 15 minutes or so a day just for prayer.

It is so important being Catholic as a young person because we can influence others to seek God’s light. We should always be proud of our faith, especially in such an amazing country where we have religious freedom! Even if you feel alone because of your faith, it’s important to remember that walking alone with Jesus is better than walking in a crowd without God.

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