Four Tips to Making the Secular Sacred

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Reblog Wednesday is back! This week, we have an insightful article from Hard as Nails Ministries’s Justin Fatica. Please check out the original work and enjoy!

As a Catholics, we are called to make our faith, our church, and our beliefs relevant to the world. This can be done by taking what is secular and making it Sacred. How can we do this? It starts with desire! It is our desires and the desires of the people in our lives that draw us closer to God and one another.

What do you love?

What is it that you love? Is it sports, singing, cooking, hiking, reading or something of the like? Take that thing, and make it into something Sacred! We don’t do this just for ourselves, but for other people in our lives. Take notice of what others are passionate about, what they love, and what gives them life. Learning about those things and intentionally doing those things with other people will make it Sacred for someone who may not have faith or God in their life. Our witness of care and intentionality will draw others closer to Christ.

Changing the culture, not people

Over the last several months, I have been coaching my son on a local AAU team called Syracuse Hoops. Being a coach has allowed me to be a witness in the secular culture that these kids come from. By taking what my son and I both love, it creates an opportunity to grow closer to the Sacred. When I first started coaching, I didn’t talk about Jesus, or the faith. I focused on basketball and building a culture of respect, accountability, and family. As the boys watch how I live, lead, and have a greater purpose for my life, faith has become a part of the basketball culture. The culture of the basketball team is becoming sacred. Each tournament, on Sunday mornings, I hold a “Team Message” with the boys. We talk as a team about our life, our faith, and our goals. This 45-minute takes what is secular and makes it something Sacred. We need to change the culture, not just a person or a group of people. There is fruit when you witness in the culture, and you will see change in not just the person but the culture itself. 

Authority belongs to God

It’s important to remember that authority we have in this world doesn’t belong to us; it belongs to God! How are we using our occupation, vocation, or other places of authority to bring others to God? This is a question to ask ourselves about the example that we lead for other people. Are we leading people to the flesh, worldly desires, or esteem; or are we leading them to what is sacred and holy? We have a great opportunity to witness our faith in the culture when we embrace our authority and let God use it to be a witness.

Take Action!

Connect with someone this week who may not have faith through learning about what they love. Take time to be intentional and witness to them by doing that thing with them.


Lord Jesus, please use me this week. Help me to be intentional with my family and those that I love. Help me to take risks to learn about what someone loves, and make it into something Sacred.

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