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Dominic Dybala

The Holy Family

Reading Time: 9 minutes The Following is a Short Story by Dominic Dybala, University of Dallas C. 7 AD, Nazareth, Galilee, Roman Judea.[1] Joseph opened his eyes to a

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The Ecumenical Councils

Lateran V

Reading Time: < 1 minute In part twenty of this series about the ecumenical councils according to the Catholic Church, Will Deatherage examines the Fifth Lateran Council, which responded to

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Dominic Asan

Fire, Ice, or Death

Reading Time: 9 minutes By Dominic Asan, Christendom College But because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold, nor hot, I will begin to vomit thee out of my mouth.

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Elena Mirus

Isaiah 53:4-11: The Suffering Servant

Reading Time: 26 minutes By Elena Mirus, Franciscan University of Steubenville I. Introduction Isaiah 53:4-11 is part of the Fourth Suffering Servant Song of Isaiah. It describes a Servant

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