Awards and Honors

The Clarifying Cup

The Clarifying Cup is a competition between institutions for views each week. The rules and procedures for this competition can be found here:

Fall 2019: The Catholic University of America
Spring 2020: The Catholic University of America


The Thomas Aquinas Award in Writing

The Thomas Aquinas Award in Writing is given to the authors of the top three articles in each semester of content. The subdivisions are Cum Laude, Magna Cum Laude, and Summa Cum Laude in ascending order of views.

Cum Laude

Fall 2019: Ariel Hobbs: Who Cares about the Latin Mass? (853 Views)
Spring 2020: Jessica L.: The Year there was no Easter (1,698 Views)

Magna Cum Laude

Fall 2019: Liam O’Toole: Joker: A Catholic Perspective (1,027 Views)
Spring 2020: Eugene Beh: Opus Dei Unveiled (2,057 Views)

Summa Cum Laude

Fall 2019: Gideon Lazar: Why I Converted from Orthodoxy (16,063 Views)
Spring 2020: Faith Kowitz: Ten Catholic Blogs You Should Check out! (2,674 Views)


Summer/Winter of Writing Award

2019 Summer of Writing Award: Franciscan University of Steubenville
2019 Winder of Writing Award: Franciscan University of Steubenville


The St. John Paul II Society

The Saint John Paul II Award is given to distinguished contributors to the project every year. The award can only be won once and is given to those who demonstrate initiative and leadership in the organization.

Rachel Alexander (Fall 2019)
Kunal Bhatacharjee (2015)

Tim Blanchard (2017)
Mary Boneno (Spring 2020)
Joe Bukuras (Fall 2019)

Tucker Chisholm (2015)
Annie Dadosky (2017)
William Deatherage (2015)
Jacob Dicken (2015)

Alex Donahoe (2018)
Jenna Drummond (Fall 2019)
Simon Falk (2018)
Maria Flores (Spring 2019)
Clara Garcia (2018)
Cameron Gaub (2018)
Joseph Giessuebelle (Spring 2020)
Thomas Gorman (Spring 2019)
Kyle Guthrie (2015)

Ariel Hobbs (Spring 2019)
Katie Hugo (Spring 2020)
Nick Jones (Spring 2020)

Faith Kowitz (Fall 2019)
Gideon Lazar (Spring 2019)
Thomas Melgaard (Spring 2019)
Liam O’Toole (2017)
Eduardo Perez-Rubio (2018)
Joe Pizzoferatto (2017)
Andrew Plasker (2015)
Sarah Richthammer (Spring 2020)
Mary Ryan (Spring 2019)
Maddie Sanders (Fall 2019)
Charlie Simon (2017)
GraceAnne Sullivan (Fall 2019)

Below is a list of recipients of the award by year:

Spring 2020
Mary Boneno (Editor of Moral Theology)
Joseph Giessuebelle (Instagram Manager)
Katie Hugo (Associate)
Nick Jones (Associate)
Sarah Richthammer (Manager of Recruitment for Mount St. Mary’s)

Fall 2019
Joe Bukuras (Executive of Organizational Development)
Jenna Drummond (Co-Director of Editing)
Maddie Sanders (Co-Director of Editing)
GraceAnne Sullivan (Manager of Production for Franciscan University of Steubenville)
Rachel Alexander (Facebook Manager)
Faith Kowitz (Board of Initiatives)

Season Six (2018-2019)
Thomas Melgaard
Mary Ryan
Maria Flores
Thomas Gorman
Ariel Hobbs
Gideon Lazar

Season Five (2017-2018)
Liam O’Toole (Director of East Coast Operations)
Eduardo Perez-Rubio (Former Assistant Director of East Coast Operations)
Simon Falk (Former Senior Director)
Cameron Gaub (Writer)
Clara Garcia (Columnist)
Alex Donahoe (Cinematographer)

Season Four (2016-2017)*
William Deatherage (Founder, Chief Executive, Executive Producer)
Annie Dadosky (Former Executive Writer)
Joseph Pizzoferrato (Former Executive Cinematographer)
Liam O’Toole (Director of D.C. Operations)
Brother Timothy Blanchard (Guest Writer and Guest Columnist)
Charlie Simon (Cinematographer)

Legacy: Seasons One through Three (2015-2016)
William Deatherage (Founder, Executive Producer)
Kyle Guthrie (Former Head of Cinematography)
Jacob Dicken (Former Assistant Director)
Andrew Plasker (Former Assistant Director)
Tucker Chisholm (Assitant Director)

Kunal Bhatacharjee (Former Consultant)

*Following Season Four, Executive Director waved his slot of being awarded the John Paul II Award for future Seasons