The Clarifying Cup Fall 2020

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Each fall and winter, we host a competition between our academic institutions for recruiting writers, writing articles, and how many views each article accumulates. Points are given based on these criteria, and the school with the most points wins. Below is a video version of this presentation.

The St. Peter Award in Recruitment


The Franciscan University of Steubenville

The St. Paul Award in Writing


Benedictine College

The St. Augustine Award in Views


The Catholic University of America

Using these three metrics (new recruits, new articles, and views), we calculated the following rankings for our Clarifying Cup winners!

15. University of Texas at Austin (72 pts.)
14. University of Houston (98 pts.)
13. Creighton University (108 pts.)
12. University of Dallas (125 pts.)
11. Holy Apostles College (160 pts.)
10. John Carroll University (172 pts.)
9. Yale University (177 pts.)
8. St. Louis University (179 pts.)
7. University of Alabama (210 pts.)
6. Mount St. Mary’s University (229 pts.)
5. University of Notre Dame (237 pts.)
4. Benedictine College (249 pts.)
3. University of Rhode Island (250 pts.)
2. Franciscan University of Steubenville (290 pts.)
1. The Catholic University of America (306 pts.)


The St. Thomas Aquinas Awards recognize authors who wrote our three most popular articles of the year. Congrats to the following:

The St. Thomas Aquinas Cum Laude Award: Finding my Vocation in Quarantine by Genevieve Gignoux (1676 views)

The St. Thomas Aquinas Magna Cum Laude Award: Why I Left Protestantism for Catholicism by Jonathan McMonigal (2259 views)

The St. Thomas Aquinas Summa Cum Laude Award Where are all the Old Guys? The New Generation of Knights by Nick Holoman (2267 views)

The Pope St. John Paul II Award

The Pope St. John Paul II Award is given to writers and leaders who have shown exemplary dedication to Clarifying Catholicism’s growth.

Christopher Centrella, Director of Editing

Sam Shadle, Website Manager

Lizzie Self, Manager of Notre Dame

2020 has been a fantastic year for us. Thanks to all of our writers and supporters, and check out our growth since our foundation!


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