Displacement in the Modern Era: Religion, COVID, War, Colonialism, and Immigration

Reading Time: 23 minutes The following was a college essay written by Catharine Viz. It has been edited and approved by Christopher Centrella. If you have a Theology essay that you would like published that received a grade of an A- or higher, please be sure to contact us. By Catharine Viz, University of Notre Dame Displacement in the […]

Arguments for Just War

Reading Time: 5 minutes By Simon Falk, Catholic University of America I recently watched a debate about just war between two Catholics and two Conservative Anabaptists.[1] There were some very interesting arguments on both sides, and I thought there was a lot to be learned from watching it. It is my goal in this article to try and summarize the […]

Why Did Christians Crusade?

Reading Time: 6 minutes By John Harrison On March 13, 2017, the youtube channel Real Crusades History posted a video titled Top 5 Myths About the Crusades[1]. A link to this video can be found here: https://youtu.be/ubhIXY2WExk. The channel Real Crusades History strives to approach the crusades from an unbiased angle and this video does a great job highlighting […]