On the Power of Demons

Reading Time: 5 minutes By Ambrose Rucker, Christendom College             In this article we are going to examine the church teachings on the power of demons over humanity, how they operate, and how they are limited. First off I will explain why the modern-day belief that demonic activity is virtually nonexistent in the modern world is not only wrong […]

The Painful Call of Ministry: Jeremiah and Lamentations

Reading Time: 8 minutes The following was a college essay written by German Lopez. It has been edited and approved by Christopher Centrella. If you have a Theology essay that you would like published that received a grade of an A- or higher, please be sure to contact us. By German Lopez, University of Dallas The National Certification Standards […]

Suffering: Free and Fallen

Reading Time: 6 minutes By Mary Biese, University of Notre Dame             It is evident that suffering plays a large part in our world, especially in our daily lives; it is an unavoidable aspect of the human experience. But why do we suffer? More specifically, how can an all-good and all-powerful God exist when suffering exists? In this essay, […]