On the Relationship Between Church and World

Reading Time: 8 minutes The following was a college essay written by Katya Konopacki. It has been edited and approved by Ariel Hobbs. If you have a Theology essay that you would like published that received a grade of an A- or higher, please be sure to contact us. By Katya Konopacki, St. Louis University At first glance, the […]

Reflections on the Universal Call to Holiness

Reading Time: 4 minutes By Joseph Tuttle, Benedictine College The Catholic Church exhorts her children to be “Perfect as your heavenly Father is perfect.” (RSV Matthew 5:48) This is commonly known as the universal call to holiness. This means that we must live “each moment according to the Gospel.” (Zia, 15) Modern society has a lack of spiritual maturity […]

Reflection on our Pursuit of Holiness and the Pitfalls of Today

Reading Time: 5 minutes By Joshua Pippert, Benedictine College Having read the second chapter of The Enduring Faith and Timeless Truths of Fulton Sheen on Fulton Sheen’s teachings, I have to mention that these truths seem to have struck me just as well as the last, and I suspect that as I move forward in the text, Sheen will […]

Our Universal Mystical Vocation

Reading Time: 3 minutes By Harry Scherer, Mount St. Mary’s In no uncertain terms, the Church and the world are undergoing a time of unprecedented suffering. We look out of the windows of our homes at locked up churches, starving for the grace of sacramental nourishment. While we know, and have been told countless times, God is not bound […]

The Uighurs: China’s other Tibet

Reading Time: 4 minutes By Christopher Lukas, The Catholic University of America  Much like Tibet, Xinjiang has long been a tumultuous region for China to control. However, China is now hardening its position in the province, and the world has noticed. Xinjiang is a province in western China, and is the historic home of the Uighurs, a Central Asian […]