Vatican II and Divine Mercy: Why I Appreciate Pope Francis’s Decision on the Latin Mass

Reading Time: 16 minutes Available in Spanish here. By Christopher Centrella, Executive ProducerFranciscan University of Steubenville The opinions expressed in this article do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Clarifying Catholicism, nor of everyone affiliated with Clarifying Catholicism. If someone wishes to write an opposing article, please Contact Us. I would like to begin this article by acknowledging my […]

Survival Guide for Catholics in High School: 5 Tips for Success when Oppressed

Reading Time: 4 minutes By Joseph Paul Bukuras, Catholic University of America             Going to public high school in 21st Century America was tough. And by tough, I mean liberal-very liberal. I had science teachers teach me life did not begin at conception. There were history teachers who taught me Columbus was a racist, native-hating, power hungry conqueror. They […]