Wojtyla’s Love and Responsibility, Phenomenology, and Self Gift in the Public Order

Reading Time: 26 minutes By Sam Agra, St. Louis University The phrase, “It’s not personal, it’s just business,” may be a common trope among corporate movie villains, but its underlying logic conveys a truth about the ethic of modern liberalism. The public order, that of business, transactions, and careers, is a complete and separate entity from the personal, that […]

The Use of Phenomenology in the Writings of St. John Paul the Great

Reading Time: 24 minutes Joshua Orsi, The Catholic University of America “Phenomenology is primarily a style of thought, a relationship of the mind with reality, whose essential and constitutive features it aims to grasp, avoiding prejudice and schematisms.  I mean that it is, as it were, an attitude to intellectual charity to the human being and the world, and […]