Project Type: Editorial Board

Luke Parker

Luke ParkerFormer Editor of Current Events (Fall 2019)Architecture and Civil Engineering Dual Major, Class of 2021 The Catholic University of AmericaWriter Since Spring 2018 Hey

Juliet Mattingly

Juliet Mattingly Benedictine College, Class of 2022 Graphic Design Major Writer Since Fall 2019 Juliet Mattingly is quirky small-town girl. She is currently working on

Ed. Noein

Noein Editor of Philosophy (Fall 2019-Current) Associate for Strategic Initiatives (Fall 2019-Current) Writer Since Fall 2019 Noein is a philosopher. He is a contemporary political theorist

Leo Pio

Leo Pio Former Editor of Biblical Theology (Fall 2019) The Catholic University of America, Class of 2020 Computer Science Major Favorite Saint: Mary, The Immaculate

Ed. Rachel Le Melle

Former Editor of Mariology and Saints (Fall 2019)Marketing and Theology Major, Class of 2022The Catholic University of AmericaWriter Since Spring 2019 Current Articles: Spiritual Motherhood

Ed. Ariel Hobbs

Editor of Liturgical Theology (Fall 2019-Current)Theology Major, Class of 2022The Catholic University of AmericaSt. John Paul II Society, Spring 2019Thomas Aquinas Cum Laude Award, Fall

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