Exec. William Deatherage

  IMG_4249Deatherage holding the Clarifying Catholicism Defender’s Sword

Executive Director (2015-2019)
Politics and Theology Double Major, Philosophy Minor
The Catholic University of America, Class of 2020
John Paul II Society, 2015
Favorite Saint: John Paul II

William Deatherage is the Creator and Executive Director of Clarifying Catholicism. Since the series’s creation in April 2015, William has played an integral role in the expansion of the project.

Growing up in Portland, Oregon, William is passionate about debunking the misconceptions surrounding Catholicism, and highlighting the real-world benefits and applicability of religion. He seeks to contribute to the Catholic intellectual tradition by exploring Catholicism’s relationship to modern ideas and movements. He is especially passionate about phenomenology and existentialism.

Much of Deatherage’s work is featured in his Executive Reflections. His other projects can be found at www.deatherage.weebly.com 

William graduated from The Catholic University of America in 2020. He currently works for the Heritage Foundation, Marriage and Religious Research Institute, and the Institute for Human Ecology. He has also worked as the Digital Marketing Assistant for The Catholic University of America School of Theology and Religious Studies. He has interned in Congress and has worked for his local Archdiocese, as well as the Knights of Columbus, the Catholic Apostolate Center, Oregon Right to Life, The Catholic Sentinel, and the City of Beaverton. He is also involved in the Oregon Catholic Sentinel. His CV Can be found By Clicking Here.


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An Analysis of Genesis from a Modern Philosophical Perspective
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Dependency on God
The Essence is in the Process
The Rise of Catholic Fundamentalism
Seeing Perspectives
Catholicizing Materialism
Dealing with Hate Speech
What is Art?
Does Free Will Exist?
Comparative Religions: Christian Science
Family Matters: An Essay
Defending Truth: A War is Coming
Extending the Spirit of Service
Habits of Judging: Confessions of a Catholic Weirdo
Please… Believe Facts
A Challenging Smile: Meeting Pope Francis

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