Mgr. Rachel Alexander

Rachel Alexandria

Rachel Alexander
Manager of Facebook (Fall 2019-Current)
Communication Arts Multimedia Major, Class of 2021
Franciscan University of Steubenville
St. John Paul II Society, Fall 2019

“Hello there, I’m Rachael! I’m a Communication Arts major at Franciscan University of Steubenville and I’m psyched to be a member of Clarifying Catholicism! I love photography, animals, reading, hiking, YouTube, nature, philosophy, and all things geek.

I hope to get into the media field to bring the light of Christ to everyone who reads or sees something I help create. Even if we don’t work in a Catholic organization we can bring joy to others and encourage deep thought and reflection by our work. I hope that my contributions bring inspiration to anyone who interacts with them.

My favorite quote to use right now is: “I climbed a five-thousand foot mountain! I can get through *insert mundane semi-annoying task here*!

“By yourself you can do nothing. But it you have God as the center of all your actions, you will reach the goal.” – Blessed Pier Giorgio Frassati”

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