Mgr. Nick Jones


Nick Jones
Manger of University of Rhode Island
Associate for Strategic Initiatives (Fall 2019-Current)

History and Secondary Education Major, Philosophy Minor, Class of 2021
University of Rhode Island
Writer Since Fall 2019

Nick Jones is a junior at the University of Rhode Island studying history and secondary education, with a minor in philosophy. He has lived in Rhode Island all his life and never hopes to spend too much time away.  Nick’s faith was reawakened after a lapse of several years during his final semester of high school, when his first discerned a potential call to the priesthood. In college, he has been able to put this faith into action through service at his Catholic Center and his involvement with FOCUS. Nick’s hobbies include rooting for the New England Patriots and New York Yankees and staying physically active.  His favorite areas of theology include the Sacred Liturgy and the renewal thereof, sacramental discipline, and typology.


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