Mgr. Bea Cuasay

Cuasay.jpgBea Cuasay
Manager of University of Notre Dame (Fall 2019-Current)
University of Notre Dame, Class of 2021
Twitter Manager (Fall 2019-Spring 2020)
Editor of Current Events (Spring 2020-Current)
Philosophy and Humanistic Studies Major,
Writer Since Fall 2019

Bea Cuasay is a junior at Saint Mary’s College, Notre Dame studying Philosophy, Humanistic Studies (The Great Books), and Constitutional Studies [at the University of Notre Dame]. Bea hails from the great Midwestern state of Illinois, and lives in Gurnee, a town an hour equidistant from Chicago and Milwaukee. On campus, she is a plays Falto in the Band of the Fighting Irish, sings in Liturgical Choir, writes for The Irish Rover, and is involved with various Catholic groups. Her favourite activities include: reading theology and philosophy books, triathlon training, and sipping espresso.

Progressivism and Aristotelianism

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