Senior Liam O’Toole

Senior Writer from The Catholic University of America
Theology Major, Class of 2020

St. John Paul II Society, April 2017
Thomas Aquinas Magna Cum Laude Award, Fall 2019
Writer Since Fall 2017
Liam O’Toole has been working with Clarifying Catholicism since November 2016. He primarily assists with managing operations on the East Coast of the United States. His main focus is on video-production.
Liam enjoys reading, writing, and hanging out with fellow writers. He is an active member of the Knights of Columbus and hails from Boston.
The March for Life Photo Gallery: A collection of photos and a reflection from the March for Life, 2018.
The Problem with Porn: Liam delves into the theological and practical issues with pornography and how it ruins the lives and relationships of so many young men and women. He also explores how to combat this with prayer.
O'Toole 2017O'Toole

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