Ed. GraceAnne Sullivan

SullivanGraceAnne Sullivan
Manager of Franciscan University of Steubenville (Fall 2019-Current)
Editor of Biblical Theology (Spring 2020-Current)
Senior Writer from Franciscan University of Steubenville
Mathematics and English double major, Class of 2021
Writer Since Fall 2019
St. John Paul II Society, Fall 2019

Hey! Look! Listen! My name is GraceAnne Sullivan! I’m the one on the left…I promise. I’m from Connecticut and I have two wonderful siblings who are my best friends. I enjoy calligraphy, playing piano, adventuring, figure skating, and baking anything and everything. Upon graduating from Franciscan, I hope to attend culinary school and get degrees in food business management and culinary science, with a concentration in baking and pastry arts. I hope to one day either own a quaint little streetside bakery, be a cryptographer, or freelance edit for Catholic writers and organizations! I’m really bad at being decisive if you couldn’t tell. I am so excited to write and edit here at Clarifying Catholicism, and hope to help spread the beauty of the faith we all share to the hearts of those around us.

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