Assoc. Faith Kowitz

Faith Kowitz
Associate for Strategic Initiatives (Fall 2019-Current)
Criminal Justice Major, Class of 2020
Writer Since Fall 2019
John Paul II Society, Fall 2019
Thomas Aquinas Summa Cum Laude, Spring 2020 

My name is Faith Kowitz. I attended Franciscan University for my freshman year. I’m currently a criminal justice major with aspirations to be a cop in my home state. I’m from Northern Minnesota. I am an adopted youngest child of 7. I would say that my hero and giant is my father. He’s been such an inspiration to me. I love writing poetry and different kinds of fictional stories. I’m not a writing major and I don’t ever see my self writing professionally but I do enjoy it. Some of my hobbies consists of photography, playing guitar, horse riding, hanging on the lake with my family and playing baseball. I work at a nursing home at home and I just love the people I work on. They bring the light of Christ to my life everyday. They’ve taught me a lot about myself. I, also, live with my sister and her four kids. They help keep me busy and out of trouble. With classes, working, and chasing kids around I stay really busy but I also dedicate a lot of time to Clarifying because I realized the importance of the mission. 

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