Dir. Jenna Drummond

DrummondFormer Director of Blog Editing (Fall 2018-Spring 2020)
Writer Since Fall 2018
History and Secondary Education Major
Theology Minor, Class of 2022
The Catholic University of America
St. John Paul II Society, Fall 2019

Hi, and thank you for visiting Clarifying Catholicism! My name is Jenna Drummond and I am Director of Blog Editing. Currently a student at the Catholic University of America studying History and Secondary education, I will hopefully attain my Masters in Education in 2022.

As a revert to the Catholic Church I love theology and learning all I can about the faith, especially any theology associated with Mary and the saints! Besides reading, or writing, I also play multiple different instruments–  Piano, Euphonium, Ukulele, and Trumpet– and find music to be one of the best ways to pray, hence the confirmation name St. Cecilia. I also love to work with children and volunteer at and or through multiple different programs working with vulnerable children.

My goal in life, besides to become a saint, and get everyone else I know to become one as well, is to help others see the beauty and truth on which the Catholic Church has been built by showing true and genuine love for all people. Love in action, is Christ in action.  St. Therese says, “my vocation is love,” and I believe that is a vocation all of us can answer and renew everyday.

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