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On the Feast Day of Pope St. John Paul II, 2019, we published Clarifying Catholicism’s very own prayer, Fides et Ratio. Since then, each school with a branch has added a line to this litany, and we hope that future branches will continue to expand it.

The Litany of Faith and Reason
A Prayer for the Curious Catholic


The response is “Enlighten us Lord”

Let faith be our captain and reason be our compass.
With our Blessed Mother’s intercession, help us to embrace Your immaculate and sorrowful heart. 
We pray that through the sacrifice of your Son we may learn to praise You in all we do. 
Give us the right words to reach just one more person, as Pope St. John Paul II did. 
Give us open minds to create and inspire, never to degrade or reject. 
Let the beauty of your Word shine through us. 
Grant us more compassionate hearts, and greater willingness to forgive. 
Open our minds and hearts to Your Will so we might see your plan and be lights in darkness for all those who have turned from you. 
Free us from every vice that clouds our reason and blinds us from you.
Lighten our darkness, we beseech thee, O Lord, and grant grace, that we might illumine the ways of thy Truth.
Lord, help us to see and love Your face in others, especially in those whom we may find it difficult to love. 
That we might be freed from every encumbrance and the sin that entangles us so we can run the race ahead of us with patient endurance.
Father of mercy, grant us the fortitude to speak the Truth with charity and live humbly with trust in Your divine providence.
That we may find solace and meaning through the reminder of Christ and His Cross.
That we might contemplate and share the fruit of our contemplation. 

The Catholic University of America
Franciscan University of Steubenville
University of Notre Dame
Benedictine College
Creighton University
University of Houston
Mount Saint Mary’s University
St. Louis University
University of Alabama
Yale University
University of Dallas
University of Rhode Island
John Carroll University
Holy Apostles College
University of Texas at Austin



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