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The League of Catholic Bloggers, founded by Mr. Tito Edwards, is an alliance of Catholic Blogs that can be found at If you are interested in joining this alliance, please contact Mr. Edwards here.

Big Pulpit

What? Collections of links on various happenings in the Catholic world
Type? News Aggregator

For Who? Catholic blogging enthusiasts

Building Catholic Culture

What? A blog on living the Catholic Faith in the modern world
Type? Lifestyle
For Who? Catholics seeking to integrate their faith into daily life

Catholic Fundraiser

What? Guides for raising money for Catholic organizations
Type? Fundraising blog
For Who? Fundraisers

Catholic Gentleman

What? Meditations on being a Catholic Man
Type? Lifestyle
For Who? Catholic men

Chant Café

What? Discussion of events in the Catholic music world, particularly chant
Type? Music
For Who? Musicians, artists, and music lovers

Christian Renaissance Movement

What? Practical Theology for Catholics in the modern world
Type? Apologetics
For Who? Lay people who are interested in getting into theology

Clarifying Catholicism

What? A diverse collection of essays and articles geared towards young Catholics and non-Catholics
Type? Apologetics
For Who? Catholics and non-Catholics who struggle with understanding the Church

David L. Gray

What? Former Freemason discusses theology and current events
Type? Apologetics
For Who? Prospective converts

Defenders of the Catholic Faith

What? Scriptural Exegesis, Events, politics
Type? Apologetics and Current Events
For Who? Catholics interested in biblical commentaries and current events

Fr. Dwight Longenecker

What? A collection of blogs, videos, podcasts, and books by the acclaimed Fr. Dwight Longenecker
Type? Homilies and reflections
For Who? Catholics seeking advice and insight from a priest

Fr. Hunwicke’s Mutual Enrichment

What? Short reflections by a Priest
Type? Reflections and Commentaries
For Who? Catholics looking for quick reflections

Fr. Z’s Blog

What? Homilies and meditations by a Traditional Catholic Priest
Type? Reflections
For Who? Traditional Catholics

Hermeneutic of Continuity

What? Blog on Church feast days
Type? Saints and Liturgical Theology
For Who? Catholics interested in Saints and feast days

Liturgy Guy

What? Blog on Traditional Liturgy
Topic? Liturgical Theology
For Who? Liturgy enthusiasts

New Liturgical Movement

What? Blog on aspects of the Sacred Liturgy
Topic? Liturgical Theology
For Who? Liturgy enthusiasts

Observations of a Catholic Newsman

What? Catholic journalist comments on current events and politics
Type? Current Events
For Who? 
Catholics interested in the news

One Foot in the Cloister

What? Commentary on current events and politics by a priest and monk in Australia
Type? Current Events, Commentaries
For Who? Catholics interested in news from a monk’s perspective

One Mad Mom

What? Ecclesiastic and secular politics from a Catholic perspective
Type? Commentaries
For Who? Catholics interested in current events

Roman Catholic Man

What? Blog on Catholic masculinity, particularly prayer and devotion
Type? Lifestyle
For Who? Catholic men

Roma Locuta Est

What? Commentary on Church news and politics
Type? News and Commentary
For Who? Catholics interested in Church politics

Scott Smith Blog

What? Thoughts from a widely published Catholic author and attorney
Type? Commentary
For Who? Catholics interested in commentaries

The American Catholic

What? Various articles on society and culture from a Catholic perspective
Type? Commentaries
For Who? Catholics interested in American news

The Motley Monk

What? Catholic political blog
Type? Current Events
For Who? Catholics interested in political commentaries from the religious perspective

The Way of Beauty

What? Blog on art and culture
Type? Beauty and Art
For Who? Artists and art appreciators


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