Category: Faith Experiences and Culture

Catholic Response to The Unholy

Reading Time: 6 minutes By Ambrose Rucker, Christendom College On March eighth, Sony announced that its new movie, The Unholy, would be released on Good Friday.[1] This date was

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Death and Beauty

Reading Time: 6 minutes By Dmitri Garlic, Texas A&M If in some smothering dreams, you too could paceBehind the wagon that we flung him in,And watch the white eyes

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Who is a Priest?

Reading Time: 2 minutes By Samuel Jian Xuan Ng, University of Texas, Austin Catholic priests are a distinct sign of contradiction in our world today. The priest who wears

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St. Joseph and Heroism

Reading Time: 4 minutes By Jonathan Cain, Franciscan University Men desire to be heroes. This is something each of us want – to be depended upon, to save the

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