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What Has the Shire to Do with Rome?

Reading Time: 4 minutes By John Tuttle, Benedictine College The Lord of the Rings serves as an exceptional benchmark of 20th-century literature. It has been acclaimed by both scholars

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Reading Time: 2 minutes By Samuel Ng, University of Austin “I must perform my penance perfectly or I won’t be forgiven!” “Is this a sin or is it not

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The Constant Calling

Reading Time: 5 minutes By Haley Buser, Mount St. Mary’s What does it mean to receive a call that is never ending? Why would someone want to pursue our

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Opus Dei Unveiled

Reading Time: 4 minutes Disclaimer: Clarifying Catholicism is not affiliated with Opus Dei. This is one writer’s experience with the group and how it has changed his life. We

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