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Thomistic Legal Theory Explained

26 minutes By Noah Torres, University of Dallas INTRODUCTION A. Scholastic Notions of Law and Its Divisions, Considered Generally At the heart of Scholastic moral theology and

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Augustine Versus Machiavelli

6 minutes By William Springer, University of Texas at Austin Men appear to come to different ends in their lives, much of the time seemingly regardless of

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Newman on Conscience and its Counterfeits

11 minutes By Marcus Leong, The Catholic University of America Saint John Henry Cardinal Newman (1801-1890) was a well-known English theologian, philosopher, polemicist and Anglican turned Catholic

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Philosophy and Art

Sadness and Beauty

2 minutes Written by Dmitri Garlic, Texas A&M University Plucked to eye level, Bright flower, reflecting God It wilts, task too great As the epigraph hints at,

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