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Advent: Why and How?

Reading Time: 6 minutes By Aidan McIntosh, Catholic University of America Welcome to Advent Reflections at Clarifying Catholicism! Throughout this season of Advent, we will be posting a variety

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The Best of Spring 2020

Reading Time: 12 minutes Every semester, Clarifying Catholicism enjoys featuring its top articles of the term! There were many great ones to choose from, and we are happy to

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Why I Converted from Orthodoxy

Reading Time: 37 minutes By Gideon Lazar, The Catholic University of America (Above: Ukrainian Catholic National Shrine of the Holy Family, the church where Gideon was received)  The day this

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What is Art? On Art

Reading Time: 25 minutes By William Deatherage, Executive Director The following article is based around what we call Theoretical Applied Theology and should not be taken as dogmatic or

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