The Encounter with Beauty: Catholicism and Harry Potter

3 minutes By Jessica Lincoln, Benedictine College In order to know God, we must encounter the Person of God, and this often occurs in unexpected places. For me, this encounter sometimes is sometimes facilitated through the world of a famous wizard with a lightning scar: Harry Potter. Garrigou-Lagrange rightly states that “the just man’s knowledge of the indwelling Godhead is not discursive”.1 Any knowledge we may have of God cannot come from studying, reason, or mere thinking

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Thanksgiving 2021: What I’m Thankful For

3 minutes Today we celebrate what we are thankful for, those things that mean the most to us, for which we thank Almighty God. Reflecting on what

The Flesh of God: Our Daily Bread

5 minutes The Eucharist is the source and summit of the Catholic Church, and it is also one of Her greatest mysteries. Yet many astonishing elements of

The Laity: Out of the Pews and Into the Trenches

3 minutes By Ben Duphiney, Catholic University of America The Second Vatican Council strengthened and clarified the true meaning of universal holiness. Just as clergy and the

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As Concerns Soul

39 minutes John Mancini, Rhode Island University Abstract: The following inquiry presents five different notions of soul, delving into the ones concerning Plato, Aristotle, Plotinus, Saint Thomas

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