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Truth Over Fear: Unmasking COVID 19

Happy Re-blog Wednesday, everyone! This week, we are excited to promote a digital conference run by Patrick Coffin that consists of several health and public policy experts addressing our national response to COVID-19. More information is below!

OCTOBER 30-31: 2020 FOR FREE!

The Truth Over Fear Summit is a virtual gathering of top doctors, scientists, attorneys, researchers, and journalists who have challenged keys aspects of the official W.H.O. and C.D.C. Covid-19 state-mandated presuppositions and protocols. 

We are all in this together. 

The pandemic crisis is not going away anytime soon. At the summit you will hear from over twenty highly reputable professionals who will share invaluable and eye-opening insights into the truth behind the fear-based headlines so you can be equipped to handle the current crisis.

A fearful populace is a populace easy to manage and manipulate.


  • Patrick Coffin
  • Dr. Reiner Fuellmich
  • Sen. Scott Jensen
  • Dr. Dolores Cahill
  • Mikki Willis
  • Dr. Rashid A. Buttar
  • Gen. Robert Spalding
  • Dr. Jay Richards
  • Dr. Joel W. Hay
  • Gideon Rozner
  • Jeff Barke, MD
  • Santiago Herran
  • Matthias Kyhlstedt
  • Leland Stillman, MD
  • Dr. Clare Craig, FRCPath
  • Dr. Mark McDonald
  • Dr. Aaron Kheriaty
  • Msgr. Charles Pope
  • Dr. Jan Schnitzer
  • John Waters
  • Michael Fumento
  • Dr. Mikolos Lukacs
  • Dra. Chinada Brandolino
  • Agustin Laje

The Truth Over Fear Summit is an event produced by Patrick Coffin Media, LLC. PCM is an independent media platform that produces “The Patrick Coffin Show” and the membership site Coffin Nation.

Our mission is simple: to inspire, educate, and support people of reason and of faith who are tired of the increasingly aggressive political correctness, groupthink, and oligarchic control that surrounds them. 

1 comment on “Truth Over Fear: Unmasking COVID 19

  1. Michael Helm

    What specifically did the WHO and/or the CDC get wrong regarding Covid 19?


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