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John Bruegger’s Notion Of Freedom and the Rule of Law

The Following Essay was written for a college course at the Dominican Institute Samonda, Ibadan by Magnus Otuosoro Anyiam. The college is one of Nigeria’s premier academic institutions. Due to its length, it is only available in PDF format.

Humans continue to abandon laws as they prefer absolute freedom. Whereas, a strict adherence to the spirit of law views man’s freedom as a myth. Bruegger establishes the interaction between law and freedom, more especially when there is the rule of law. Additionally, Lon Fuller also offers some theoretical outlook on the numerous interactions between the rule of law and freedom. Owing to the multiplicity of notions of law and freedom, it is difficult to reach a consensus on the manner of these interactions. Some hold unto a more negative concept of freedom, which infringes on the law. While a more acceptable view of freedom is looking at it as a positive liberty. Thus, we have undertaken to look into the concept of freedom and the rule of law, their interactions and compatibility as viewed by John Bruegger.

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