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Meet the New Blog Director!

Mary Ryan

by Mary Ryan

Hello and thank you for visiting Clarifying Catholicism, by the Defenders of Faith! My name is Mary Ryan and I am the Director of Writing this year. I am a sophomore Vocal Performance and Theology BA double major at CUA. I love writing, whether it be articles, speeches, or music. I have prayed a lot about where God is calling me in life, and He keeps telling me that it’s to tell people where to find their identity, which is in Christ.

My goal in life is to radiate the light of Christ and to show people the truth of Our Lord. I love learning about Scripture, the Trinity, and really anything involving the faith and this beautiful story of existence and creation that we live each day. Most of what I write are topics that I’ve thought about and discussed a lot and found worthwhile to spread a message about. Since coming to a Catholic school after growing up in a public school, I tell my friends that my life has become one gigantic theological discussion, which is true, and it is really quite exciting!

I look forward to walking this journey of life with you! God has given us a beautiful world to experience and it will really be a pleasure to learn more about Him and His creation with you on board with us. Enjoy the site and may God bless you always!

2 comments on “Meet the New Blog Director!

  1. Welcome and thank you for sharing a very beautiful and heartfelt message. Mary, I would love to hear you sing the Canticle of the Sun. Please post an audio recording in the near future. Love & light, JY

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  2. A real catholic

    Run and run fast away from the people who run this webpage

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